Authenticity. It’s a huge buzz word in the blogging world but what does it really mean?

You might associate “being authentic” with a similar phrase; “be true to yourself”. That’s a great example and definitely a concept you should follow, but when we’re talking about being authentic in the online marketing world, we are speaking about your interaction with others, and more specifically, blogging.

Blogging with authenticity can be a difficult thing to accomplish and still ensure you are meeting your business objectives. After all, you want to impress others don’t you? You want to promote your business, avoid judgement and inspired people.

As readers we are drawn to authenticity and in a world where we are constantly fed what we want to hear, rather than the truth, it’s something that is required to be truly successful in business blogging.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are 5 more reasons you should always try to be authentic in your business blog.

Your content will always be clear and consistent. When you aren’t authentic in your writing, you may end up bringing ideas from a previous piece of content that doesn’t match your views on a current piece of content. If you aren’t being true to your own ideas and concepts, you won’t be able to keep things straight and your audience will see right through that.

It earns respect. Even when people may not have the same thoughts and views as you do, when someone is able to be authentic in their opinions and stories, it shows other that you are true to your core beliefs and many times, that brings with it a fair amount of respect.

It builds trust and credibility. Nothing brings readers back to a site like knowing they can count on you to provide them with accurate and truthful information. When you write your content from a place of authenticity, you are showing your readers that you and your business is something they can put their trust into.

It opens door to real connections with your readers. Most small businesses have a tendency to want to appear bigger than they really are. While you may think this gives you an advantage, it may not give the results you are expecting. We live in a world where human connection is becoming rarer with each passing day. We hide behind our perfect online personas where it would appear we have no flaws and make no mistakes. Imaging being so authentic with your audience that you are able to connect with them in a way that has them saying, “Yes, I know just how she feels.” Or “Oh ya, I’ve been there before.”

It’s just easier. You’ve probably told a lie at some point in your life. Who hasn’t? Do you recall how hard it was to keep it straight for any length of time or how badly you felt maintaining that lie? Life shouldn’t be that hard! When we are simply being authentic and true to ourselves, things are simpler. We don’t have to think about what we said last week regarding a certain subject; we just know it because it’s how we feel all the time.

What does authentic mean to you?

Be Authentic

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