When bad things happen to good Multifamily Facebook pages, it’s time to call the Facebook Police.

Have you been DIY’ing your properties’ Facebook pages and social media?  Social Media, if done poorly, or not at all, can negatively affect your company’s reputation, so protect it by avoiding these social media “faux pas”.
OOPS this community looks like they had a misstep:

social media faux pas

Property Faux Pas in action!  

  • No official page
  • Negative Reviews without mitigation
  • Unregulated public posts

At first glance it doesn’t appear that this property even has a Facebook page.  BUT WAIT.  It does.  It has not been attended to since 2013!  EEEEEEKKKK!!!

social media faux pas multifamily

The horror!  Yes, so instead of having a strong presence and being able to mitigate responses this property may not even know that the negative reviews are out there, and is unintentionally projecting an image that they do not care about their reputation online.


  • Create a official page and guide your residents to utilize it
  • Respond to the negative reviews and encourage happy residents to post positive comments to offset the negative
  • Remove unwanted public posts and spam
  • Begin posting regularly (3 times per week or more) with engaging content that is both interesting and relevant

Want to find out how your page is doing?  
We are available to do a free review, assist you with our FREE social media assessment, and offer some suggestions about raising the bar on your social media presence.

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