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Amber Rickerson is a Content Specialist at Blue Cricket Media. Her passion for marketing and social media are second only to her love of Mt. Dew, University of Kentucky basketball, her children, husband and black lab, Reno. You can find her (and her family's) adventures on Instagram (@ozandamber) or email her at
  • Website Design: Do it Yourself or Hire a Designer

Website Design: Do it Yourself or Hire a Designer

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If you’re a crafty person, do-it-yourself projects can be enjoyable and great money savers that ensure you get exactly what you want. But when it comes to website design, the do-it-yourself method can be trickier. Ever see those DIY or Pinterest fails where people had grand plans and they go hilariously wrong? It’s easy to do in DIY website design as well. You may start

  • Facebook Police

Multifamily Social Media DIY “DON’Ts”!

When bad things happen to good Multifamily Facebook pages, it's time to call the Facebook Police. Have you been DIY'ing your properties' Facebook pages and social media?  Social Media, if done poorly, or not at all, can negatively affect your company's reputation, so protect it by avoiding these social media "faux pas". OOPS this community looks like they had a misstep: Property Faux Pas in action!  

  • SEO Tuneup Featured Image

Does your website need an SEO Tune Up?

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Does your website need an SEO tune up? SEO could be 2016’s buzzword in online marketing. Everyone knows they need it, but few understand why or how to get search engines to not only acknowledge but “like” their site. Keep reading to find out if you need better website optimization and SEO. SEO = Search Engine Optimization. This is the process by which you gain

  • Social Media Myth Third Party Software

Social Media Myth: Penalties for 3rd Party Software

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Social media has become a world in and of itself. Dozens of platforms host millions of users each week. As a small (or even a medium sized) business, handling online marketing across the growing number of social platforms can be a daunting task. Many turn to 3rd party software to streamline and automate their social media marketing plans. But, are these a good thing or

  • social media marketing for restaurants

Rock your Restaurant: Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

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There’s one on every corner. The restaurant business is one of the most cutthroat industries in the world! So you have great food, a unique atmosphere and an appealing location. What does it all matter if no one knows your name? Yes, you’d be better off being a cheeky dive bar “where everyone knows your name” (wink wink) than to be the newest, hottest, latest

  • Comment Plugin

To Comment Plugin or NOT to Comment Plugin?

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Comments were one of the internet’s original versions of social media. The beginning of the comment plugin debate starts with the efficacy of even having comments active at all. There are many in the “No Comment Camp” who believe that comments happen on every platform, regardless of whether you host them on your own blog or site. But engagement is the name of the game

  • Blog Topic

How to Choose a Blog Topic Your Audience Will Love

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In the blog world, it has become obvious that beyond being entertaining, a blogger must also accomplish creating useful content.  If you are having trouble choosing a blog topic, we are here to help! Let's start by outlining the major functions of a blog post. Choosing a Blog Topic: 4 Points to Consider To choose a blog topic that will not only engage your audience but