Why Social Media for Multifamily?

Instead of asking WHY the question the multifamily industry should be asking is WHY NOT?

The numbers are clear.

“The multifamily industry, as a whole, has raised the bar in most areas of operations in recent decades.  Even with social channels ubiquitous in our renters’ lives, multifamily neglects this low cost, high return avenue to engage prospective and current renters.  Social is the most untapped marketing and relationship building too for the multifamily industry.” ~ Joe Bailey 

Social Media

Social media marketing enables you to foster a sense of community inside your properties while actively interacting and engaging with your audience. Listening to residents helps to build relationships and prevents poor reviews while growing a positive reputation. When you let Blue Cricket Media handle the management of your social media channels, you get to take advantage of our expert social skills, and feel confident knowing that our team works hard to stay current on best practices, fair housing and innovative ideas to enhance your social media presence.  While social media is not going to be your biggest source of new leads when it comes to the multifamily industry, it can definitely be one of several points that prospects consider when researching potential communities to live in.

Reputation Monitoring

It’s been proven that consumers are more likely to trust a brand when feedback and reviews are available to read prior to purchasing. For multifamily communities, positive reviews and feedback are especially important. Potential residents trust the opinions of the public over claims made by the brand itself and will be more confident to make purchases if those reviews are available. We help manage your community’s valuable reputation online through a variety of methods including monitoring online reviews, countering negative reviews in a positive way, listening for mentions of your business online and gaining more positive reviews.

Content Creation

More than just the information on your site, content is the basis of building a relationship with your potential resident or maintaining one with your current residents.  Content is the common thread that connects each of your online marketing efforts lending a united voice to your community’s brand.  Creating content can be particularly challenging for the multifamily industry.  Often, it falls into the hands of property managers or leasing agents as a “marketing task” but this creates issues, liabilities and risks harming your brand.  At Blue Cricket Media we ensure that content is relevant, engaging and formulated on a per property basis.  This allows our team of content specialists to customize each community’s content.  Content creation encourages resident retention by fostering a sense of community while also portraying this to your potential residents.

website design & seo for multifamily

Website + SEO

First impressions are paramount.  As the proverbial welcome mat for your brand, our customized websites are designed to engage and inform taking the first step in the process of relationship building.  Websites are more than the digital age’s brochure, your property’s website can become it’s biggest ambassador, cheerleader and secretary.  Shouldn’t your website be singing your praises while wearing your letter jacket?  We think so! Our talented team of web design specialists have years of experience working with multifamily communities, they are well equipped to perfectly construct effective property websites.

Achieving good SEO entails a surprising amount of work on a daily basis. For the average business owner, it is often wise to invest in a professional who can help with SEO and search engines.  A basic knowledge of SEO and search engines should provide you with a sense of urgency to understand that you likely need help.  The multifamily industry faces unique challenges in customizing their content creation to allow for productive SEO.  Blue Cricket Media takes the guess work out of the process and implements a reliable system to increase your community’s SEO across website and social platforms.

We believe, not only, in building a strong, cohesive social community for each property, but in doing so in a manner that protects your company.  Backed by social media strategists, trained in Fair Housing and Sexual Harassment laws, we focus our efforts on creating, nurturing and expanding the reach of each community to residents and beyond.


Blue Cricket Media


Multifamily is an industry unlike any other. With more than 75 years combined experience in the multifamily industry, we understand the unique challenges of marketing apartment communities. We build our social media strategies to conform to the needs of each individual community.

Our services are not a template or a dashboard. Your custom tailored social media experience will designed by strategists who have a background in and strong knowledge of the industry.  Each piece of content, posting, tweet or photo will be curated with care to perfectly entice your followers.