Success through elevated social media marketing.

At Blue Cricket Media, we eat, sleep, and breathe social media marketing. We know what works and what doesn’t. Each marketing strategy we implement is created using our formula for success – content creation, audience engagement, and growth. Missing even one of these key components can gravely affect the success of your marketing goals and affect your growth goals.

The Blue Cricket Media Formula for Success


Content is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. While many marketing companies focus on HOW you present your content, we believe that WHAT you have to say is equally important. Content not only forms the basis of information for your potential customers but it conveys your company’s personality and builds your authority as an expert in your industry. Like a good firm handshake, first impressions only happen once, be sure that your content is giving a good one!


Engagement is something that every business wants to see more of on their social media channels. Having thousands of followers on a Facebook business page is great, but without any interaction from or with those followers, your page is just a well filled out profile. Connecting with customers and prospects by building relationships, listening for brand mentions on review sites and boosting conversations across social media platforms will always lead to be better and more frequent leads.


Without growth, your business may provide plenty of great content and even engagement, but your audience size will never increase at the rate you’d like and that leads to stagnant revenue. Email list building, lead generation ads, Facebook advertising, PPC advertising, and even running a simple contest can all be used as incredible methods to grow your audience. Without proper ad management, you can burn through an entire ad budget in a matter of days with no results. We can help you with strategically targeted paid media campaigns and other growth strategies that can work for every budget and allows for extended reach outside the organic spectrum.