Outreach and Link Building

Attracting backlinks to your website is a requirement for all businesses who want to be competitive in search.

There are many different signals about your website that Google uses for scoring it in search results. One of the most important things you can do to increase your results in search engines is to have other websites link back to your website. This is often referred to as “link juice” or backlinking and is crucial to higher placement.

We believe in real links that are earned and obtained through networking and real communication.

The Blue Cricket Media team of publicists are skilled in getting those backlinks by developing relationships with influencers, media outlets and other bloggers. We develop these relationships in order to interact with them to share your incredibly useful content so that it may lead to an EARNED link back to your content.

Everything we do is a manual process and is designed not only to bring you referral traffic to your website, but also to improve your search engine rankings.

With your input every step of the way, our publicists, content marketing team and SEO team work to help you determine what type of links would be most beneficial to you and who the influencers are in your industry that we want to reach out to. We then develop a strategy to reach out to those influencers and create content that would encourage them to link back to your site.

What type of links do we build?

We connect with influencers regularly to earn contextual links on their blog and in their emailed newsletters (which are often times indexed online through an archive). We also work to get links for editorial, citations, industry specific directories, press releases and news feeds, blog comments, and forum links.

What about quality?

We are firm believers in the quality of the link over the quantity of links. With quality links built from sites with higher page ranks, you are increasing your visibility in search engines with every link you earn as well as improving your general online reputation and authority.

Why not just use a link building company promising hundreds of links for $99?

It sounds enticing doesn’t it? Get some quick links for a cheap price…done deal right? The problem with those solutions is that they can actually hurt your ranking in search engines, and many are shady link networks that provide zero value to you as a business. Google has also learned to recognize these links and will penalize you for using services like that. These types of services could end up costing you a whole lot more than the $99 you paid to get the links.

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