Social Channel Design

Professional channel designs to bring brand identity to your social channels.

At Blue Cricket we understand the importance of utilizing branding to stand out from the competition! In the visually over-saturated world of social media, cohesive branding and design are critical. Visual imagery accounts for a large percentage of “viral” content. We strive to ensure that every visual cue posted by your brand is in line with your company’s voice and style.

Whether you are running short campaigns or need a long term image overhaul for your company’s online brand, our team of experienced designers can help you visualize beyond the ordinary and create original concepts that incite your followers to action with products like:

  • Single platform designs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Custom channel headers, tabs, contests and advertisements
  • Universal branding across multi-platforms campaigns
  • Uniquely formulated landing pages and collateral
  • Blog designs and website integration
  • Stunning visual campaigns for targeted seasons, holidays and specials
  • Interactive pictorials which encourage engagement (inspirational quotes, questions etc.)
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