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Website Design and Development

When Blue Cricket Media was founded, one area we knew we had to dive head first into was web development. After all, it’s what our founder Misty Spears has been doing for over 20 years!

For us, web development is about more than just taking content from a client, slapping it into a template and calling it good. That’s not how we crickets roll. We work side by side with our clients, communicating ideas and concepts, gathering feedback, hashing through designs and exploring together what will work best for your company website. After all, your website is one of the first places a potential client can go to see who are you…so it needs to rock!

If you’re nervous about the process of having a website developed for your business, don’t be! We will walk you through every step in the process from determining what your technical needs are to creating your first sitemap and wireframe and continuing through to the final design. We’re also going to help make that website work for your business with a responsive layout that works well on mobile devices, highly optimized pages that will help you rank in search engines and can even help you with your social media marketing to drive people back to your website.

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